Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Application of the Imagination

I had a job teaching Kung Fu when I finished high school. Of the many wonderful challenges this job embraced, the most fun one was being able to apply the art to different situations. So, after much practice and thought I became good at coming up with multiple applications in different scenarios. This deepened my understanding and helped me as an instructor to improve my teaching skills. Even at this point though I still felt my ability to apply the art was linear. Then I heard something that changed my attitude toward creativity. My master said to me, "The application is only limited by your imagination." Just awesome.

In these first few days as a teacher-candidate in the Faculty of Education, my peers and I have been asked repeatedly, "How can we apply this in another situation, or what else can we do with this method?" When I hear this I get a flashback to that saying I heard about 8 years ago. I believe that for teachers it's important to let our imaginations wonder so that we may come up with new ideas and new ways to communicate material to students. So if your having trouble coming up with new techniques, just think, "The application is only limited by your imagination."


  1. I completely agree Zach! Especially with the use of the internet, our resource pool is limitless. I can't wait to see how far our imaginations take us in this cohort.

  2. Great words from your kung fu master. He must have been a pretty smart person. Are there ways you've discovered to use your kung fu teaching/learning methods in the class?