Thursday, 15 September 2011

Diversifying Perspectives

As our world continues to become globally connected, the classroom changes. We need to be aware of who our students are and where they come from. When I went to elementary school there wasn't much diversity in my classes. In fact, we were all very similar. University though, was a completely different experience. I now have friends from all over the world and from different cultures.

I believe that diversity should be approached by focusing on the similarities between people and by respecting their differences. Diversity provides a rich environment that brings together cultures for students to experience first hand. I think it's beneficial to have people in the same class that can share information about who they are and where they're from. Technology brings down walls, crosses borders, and connects us to people everywhere. As a teacher-candidate I look forward to bringing people together in the classroom.

The video below is a very interesting example of how to get young minds to understand the diverse world around us. Raghava KK talks about using children's books to explain the perspectives of different cultures. I especially like it because he uses interactive technology as his medium.

Let me know, would you use his books in your classroom?

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