Thursday, 3 May 2012

The End of One Journey, The Beginning of Another

My journey through the Faculty of Education at Brock University as a teacher-candidate is now over, and what a journey it was. It's hard to believe how fast the experience has gone by, and it's amazing how many people I have met along the way. I have completed all the course work and the practicum experiences. The last thing that I await is convocation and to be recognized by the Ontario College of Teachers (and of course to be hired!).

I am proud of myself for taking this step and for all the hard work. But now that I am finished the schooling I realize the journey has really just begun. Now I have to find my own class, with a whole new set of students to teach and inspire. I know I will be successful but the pressure is on. When you love what you do, inspiration is everywhere...

Today I went back to the school at which I just finished my practicum and as soon as I walked in I got that feeling. The feeling you get when you know this is where you are meant to be because you love what you do, because you love your profession. The students from my grade 3 class were eating lunch when I walked in and were really excited to see me! Instantly, another familiar feeling kicked in. The feeling that, I have to do well because they look up to me, because I was their teacher, and because I can't let them down. It's a strange feeling to describe but it drives me to be better and to succeed.

A new journey begins. A new challenge awaits. I am done teacher's college and ready to fly solo.

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