Wednesday, 22 August 2012

5 Days Til Melbourne

I have graduated and I am now a certified teacher in Ontario, Canada, and (after alot of paperwork) Victoria, Australia. The summer has been fantastic but now I will be embarking on an all new journey as a teacher in Melbourne. I arrive August 29th 9:30 am Melbourne time. I am extremely excited! I finally get to live the dream of being a teacher while also exploring the land down under, a place I have always wanted to go for as long as I can remember.

Taking the experience and knowledge I have gained in the EdTech cohort at Brock and blending it with the schools in Victoria will be fascinating to say the least. This blog will serve as a journal of my teaching experiences while there. 5 days til departure.


  1. Congratulations Zach! Please continue to blog so we can hear how your first year teaching goes. Do you know your teaching assignment yet? (grade? location?)

  2. Thanks! Hey it has been a while but I have decided to start blogging again! I am teaching a grade 3 class in Melbourne.