Friday, 4 October 2013

It's Been a While...

It has been just over a year since my last blog post.

A lot (or should I say heaps) has changed over the last year. To summarize, I have moved from Hamilton, Ontario to Melbourne, Australia. The purpose of this move was primarily fuelled by the passion to start a career in teaching and I've always been interested in seeing the land down under. I came to Melbourne with a teaching agency, did some supply work, or CRT'ing (Casual Relief Teaching) as it is referred to here, then applied for and was successful in obtaining a 1 year teaching contract. I now teach grade 3 at a beautiful school located in Preston which is a suburb of Melbourne. Looking back, I have been able to do what I had hoped for when moving to Australia. I have begun the career that I love.

There are 5 grade classes and team planning is a huge part of the way the school operates. I wasn't used to that when I came here since schools in Ontario that I have been to hadn't operated in that way, but I really enjoy it. It makes things easier, especially for graduates like myself and it is a great opportunity to be collaborative. My team is fantastic and really makes me enjoy coming to work. They are very supportive and easy to talk to. It is probably the best way a graduate can start their career in many ways.

The grade 3 classes have access to a class set of ipads, laptops and with a bit of my help I am proud to say, a document camera for each class. These technologies are often used in every lesson. I also use a projector (unmounted) and portable speaker system daily. I do use my bamboo tablet when teaching sometimes. I should mention that the whole school has wifi and that each student can connect to a student server to save and share files. The grade 3 classes this year have also begun using google apps for Ed for their digital portfolios. We use Mathletics, we have used Edmodo (my students really like this) and we have even made a Harlem Shake video just for fun.

My goal is to share my learnings with educators back home in Canada and around the world as I learn more about becoming a teacher and as I experiment with different technologies and teaching strategies.

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